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As global concern over the coronavirus the onset of the pandemic,

W&B landscaping acted quickly to implement new measures for the safety of its employees and customers, both inside and outside its branches.

The added protocols expand on our company’s  commitment to best safety practices, training and communications.


W&B Landscaping has procedures in place to minimize contact with customers and safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 while limiting any interruption in service. 

  • Daily health screenings and temperature checks for all associates

  • Last-Touch Disinfecting: W& B Landscaping disinfect commonly-touched surfaces upon delivering equipment at a worksite. This is the second time equipment is disinfected before it is put in the customer’s Area.

  • Driver Precautions: W&B drivers maintain safe social distancing at customer sites and wear a mask when a safe distancing is not possible.

  • Digital Capabilities: Customers at W&B Landscaping can browse services, schedule maintenance and designate there property services from their computer or mobile device for a contactless transactional experience. This enhances safe access to your tailored  lawn care plan.

  • In addition to performing safety and mechanical checks, W&B Employees disinfects equipment before each service, paying particular attention to controls, latches, seat belts and other high-touch surfaces.

  • Social Distancing: W&B Employees maintain safe social distancing at branch and equipment yards.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): W& B requires face coverings where social distancing cannot be achieved and requires additional PPE as needed. The company provides PPE to its employees and available, to customers upon request, for in person transactions.

  • Communications: W&B Landscaping has a strong communications infrastructure that delivers consistent safety messaging to our values customers an staff. Protocols are emphasized at daily safety huddles with branch teams.



We encourage the use of our digital tools to manage lawn care.

Our commitment to our customers remains the same. Customer service associates are available to answer your questions and address any concerns about your services. You can access your account online by visiting WBLANDSCAPING.ORG. There you will be able to view service details, your next target service date and submit questions.

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